Family Vacation to San Diego California! ~ BeautyLiciousInsider – San Diego Video

Family Vacation to San Diego California! ~ BeautyLiciousInsider

I hope you all enjoyed! I had so much fun! 🙂 Music by ~ Katy Sky ~ Paradise Jess Penner ~ Little Bit Crazy Vlog Channel: My Main Channel: Collab Channel! : Tweetin Everyday! : Like Me up On my Facebook fanpage! : Instagram: chelsealiciousinsider Send Me letters, questions, packages, anything! 🙂 PO Box 475 Troy, Illinois 62294 Buisness Only email: TAGS~ family vacation beautyliciousinsider beautyliciouskisses vlogs fun nyxfaceawards one week fun in the sun teeth
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24 Responses to “Family Vacation to San Diego California! ~ BeautyLiciousInsider – San Diego Video”

  1. princessalexx1 says:


  2. Rien Dutout says:

    you are not tall, bitch… 

  3. SimpleBeauty13 says:

    Sister tag !!

  4. 3loooy says:

    wher are your mom?

  5. dancer4541 says:

    wahts your sis name and bros name

  6. nicolethunderblood32 says:

    Your sister looks a lot like you!

  7. ThePinkladyfilms says:

    In Brighton in the uk! Sorry! Xx

  8. ThePinkladyfilms says:

    Went on in Briton

  9. ThePinkladyfilms says:

    We have that exact ride that you we

  10. livinlikemaddixoxo says:

    does your dad work in the film business? like so she can seee! 🙂

  11. kandykitty1201 says:

    I live near Julian u don’t know how many pies I’ve gotten from moms pie shop

  12. Julia Y. says:

    you and ur sister hav the same hair

  13. Julia Y. says:

    where did you get the lilac- purle lip glosss ?? or lip stick??

  14. NikiKiera Rose says:

     love your hair its mazing :0 xxx

  15. anamitra sen says:

    nice shoes`!!

  16. kanNbray says:

    What are all your siblings names? If you don’t mind me asking (:

  17. hairandmore1506 says:

    3:20 Chelsea ur gorgeous! 🙂 im jelous!:)

  18. kawaiiswag123 says:

    Next time u go there go to delmar there is rich people over there and never go in lakes trust me I know I live around there and do u luv the shores? Nice surfing waves huh 🙂

  19. ljclovesjb says:

    And oh my gosh are you at Mission Beach? That’s so cool that you visited (:

  20. ljclovesjb says:

    I was in Julian around the same time you were! I love Mom’s pies. (:

  21. ChristinaLoveization says:

    is your dad always the “camera man” in your videos?

  22. Strawberriefever101 says:


  23. ChristinaLoveization says:

    such a beautiful family! i wish i had your family! if i was your sister i would be sooo jealous of you!! (i think she is ) love ya!!

  24. Megan1870 says:

    Ur sis looks just like u !! Or is that just me?? lol xx


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