Fireworks Fail! LOL – July 4th 2012 San Diego – San Diego Video

Fireworks Fail! LOL - July 4th 2012 San Diego

Those watching the Big Bay Boom in San Diego’s Glorietta Bay witnessed what was either an accidental fireworks display — or a very disappointing fireworks show. Port District authorities said a “technical difficulty” resulted in all the fireworks going off at once. Source: Fireworks Shot Off Early in Bay | NBC San Diego

24 Responses to “Fireworks Fail! LOL – July 4th 2012 San Diego – San Diego Video”

  1. jackytee124356 says:

    mmmmmmmm ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐

  2. Laura Tuller says:

    LOL! Next time go to St. Regis Monarch Hotel in Dana Point. It’s EPIC! 🙂

  3. SurfsUpStudios says:

    See the San Diego Fireworks EXPLOSIONS in Slo-Mo on the Surfs Up Studios YouTube Channel.

  4. RandomLevitation says:

    What’s worse is it seems everyone brought their cameras and everyone started filming at the same time.

  5. SurfsUpStudios says:

    Watch another amazing view and cool slo-mo of the San Diego Fireworks Big Bay Boom Boo-Boo on the Surfs Up Studios YouTube Channel.

  6. brianrunt says:

    That was just a blury blobby nothing!!

  7. ChrisBrowncall says:

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  8. cbrooks83 says:

    Disliked for asking for like.

  9. heene says:

    And that’s it! Lol!

  10. SurfsUpStudios says:

    Watch a very cool video of the San Diego Fireworks explosion on the Surfs Up Studios YouTube Channel.

  11. sexybrtneyxx1 says:

    I’ll give you presents of 4 of July for all!!!

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  12. danschaoticmind says:

    HUh huh…fire

  13. TheHawaiianc says:

    You know it may not be a fail I mean it made CNN news besides I always like see a fire blossom ..

  14. SYNguitar14 says:

    New guy: “I could’ve sworn I was pushing ‘enter’ to log into my Facebook account.”

  15. blacklabelchaos3 says:

    dont look like a fail to me!

  16. fasterthantak says:

    I would love to have been the guy who pushed the button

  17. AnnBearForFreedom says:


  18. CaptBenSisko says:

    lol. great twenty second show honey! let’s do it again next year!

  19. TheSkinnymanchris says:

    or maybe he wanted that to happen haha…it was pretty tight…please check out my video of the fail firework show in San Diego

  20. simcityman81 says:

    well, its just like my sex life…short, fast but you’ll never forget it lol

  21. HBG07 says:

    Looks great

  22. stephengrangersrich says:

    Same thing happened in Burlington, Iowa last night. Four people were hurt, Check out the video on my channel or search burlington iowa fireworks fail.

  23. musicbotpilots says:

    big time failure


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