Deadpool Does San Diego Comic-Con – San Diego Video

Catch the highlights of Deadpool at San Diego Comic-Con 2012 where he announced his own video game, coming in 2013! Follow @realdeadpool on Twitter and like DP on Facebook at For more on the Deadpool game, go to

22 Responses to “Deadpool Does San Diego Comic-Con – San Diego Video”

  1. ckent0925 says:

    Lmao deadpool is a damn fool. Swag all day swag all night lol

  2. camrenzo says:

    gosh! 😀 hahahahahaha :D

  3. DrFunk98 says:

    just kidding lol

  4. Matthew Lee says:

    um… he said he was a hologram idiot.

  5. timothymiceli says:

    Also sounds amazingly just like “Ask a Ninja” But I wouldn’t put it past Deadpool to put out those videos.

  6. jefeINdenver says:

    any movie that gets made at this point would be shit. too convoluted and RR thinks too much of himself. get this and be happy

  7. revisoryvirus says:

    Biggie ofc

  8. DatAwkwardMoment says:

    “Swag all day. Swag all night. DEADPOOL swag, that feels alright.”

  9. BlueKnight728 says:

    well Deadpool has finally destroyed the 4th wall and has entered our world…god help us

  10. THEHULKKJ says:

    Shout Out To Tupac. Im Sorry I Shot Youuuuuu!

  11. DrFunk98 says:

    he looks animated

  12. Nosfeast says:

    video game? we are still waiting on the damn movie…….

  13. lebronbeastjames6 says:

    The question is, who hired him?

  14. TheKinKyMoFo says:

    @danny vivaldo You saw it too?

  15. TheKinKyMoFo says:

    @101FallingRock So you saw the same video I did?

  16. aotearoastyle says:

    Deadpool shot tu-pac , that explains everything

  17. SOADRock101 says:

    Man I can’t wait for the game!

  18. legobrickchannel says:

    yay for deadpool
    (C D)

  19. thewho186 says:

    Deadpool: Hey man are you Waldo?
    Waldo: Yeah.
    Deadpool: I Fucking found him!

  20. Γιάννης Γαρεφαλάκης says:

    *Insert kajilionth comment saying he f**k**g found Waldo*

  21. TristanFelipe3493 says:

    His voice sounds awesome.

  22. Aaron Perkins says:



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