San Diego Bay Fireworks Display A Bust! Crowds React To Fireworks Fail 2012 – San Diego Video

San Diego Bay Fireworks Display A Bust! Crowds React To Fireworks Fail 2012

Big Bay Boom fireworks show canceled after a technical glitch. ——- * thanks to ‘fox5sandiego’ for the footage.. ** if anyone would like to contact me regarding this or any other video, please do so via ‘youtube inbox’ thanks..

25 Responses to “San Diego Bay Fireworks Display A Bust! Crowds React To Fireworks Fail 2012 – San Diego Video”

  1. garlandgay says:

    Arizona girl disapointed?! You traveled from arizona to San Diego for fireworks! You are the real dispointment. My parents would shake thier heads in disapointment if i traveled more than a half hour to see fireworks.

  2. neocon70 says:


  3. nachomao says:

    I will blame them; it was caused by THE same terrorists who are sending messages thruout the world sacrificing blood of the innocent..this event, THE KILLING OF FUN & ORDER to implement a new order of black smoke, boo booms and fear of fire columns in the night skies. YOU ARE THE SHOW !!! They are looking at u from their military bases having a laugh at your fear & anguish. Soon the Beast will be released after being trained & programmed to kill, invade & enslave. When the SYSTEM FAILS in a BOOM

  4. joeyakabert says:

    O please this wasn’t an accident this is how america proves its self, FUCK YEA! WE’RE THE BAD ASSES THE SHOOT 1000 CLASS A FIREWORKS IN 30 SECONDS!!!

  5. ANarcolepticWalrus says:

    “There were NO fireworks, we were so sad… ),: ”

    Understandable. It must have been pretty hard to see that supernova in the middle of the bay with all your heads so far up your asses.

  6. ChanmailleMan says:

    What the hell? This looks like it was awesome! I’ve always wanted to see a big fireworks display all let off at once!

  7. bigfishn says:

    I think most people in retrospect will be glad they were a part of something so spectacular!!!

  8. colliermattful says:

    It was me that set them off. I found this thing on the ground that had alot of buttons on it and push them all at the same time….sorry -,…,-

  9. Teddybearboy says:

    1:45 - ‘very disapointed; no fireworks’ NO SHIT

  10. Steven Wischer says:

    That’s funny people came from Arizona to see the fireworks here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin! There were no problems here!

  11. djkinney says:

    Not very well. My self esteem is extremely low. 

  12. phillies2008wsc says:

    a paid troll? how does that work?

  13. djkinney says:

    I’m on yo mama all day!…but seriously. Yes. I’m on YouTube all day. I’m a paid troll. It sucks at Christmas time when my parents are so ashamed of me. But at least I can take solace in knowing that it’s worse for you at your house. BOOSH!

  14. phillies2008wsc says:

    are you on youtube all day?

  15. djkinney says:

    Yo mama’s a good joke.

  16. phillies2008wsc says:

    yeah man. good joke

  17. spigotman says:

    Right before the fireworks went off..You heard the new guy in the background saying “whats this button do?”

  18. djkinney says:

    Like the ones yo mama uses in her stank?

  19. phillies2008wsc says:

    you’re a douche

  20. JSOunlimited says:

    “There was a glitch in the system”


  21. anthonyl2823 says:

    I love reporters. Saying to complete obvious, adding nothing to the story and speaking in hypotheticals. We don’t know what happened, we will find out in a couple of days, everyone is disappointed, the fireworks are over. (This took 3 min? I am sure a 7 year old could deduce what happened) I am sure a few people actually enjoyed the display; I know I have never seen 20,000 shells fire off at the exact same time. I am sad I missed it!

  22. jrandres87 says:

    Like emerald “BAM!”

  23. djkinney says:

    You must be in need of a good trolling. (Like I gave yo mama)

  24. Derek Meyers says:

    People were disappointed with the disappointment? Geeze, you can’t please anyone anymore.

    (Stupid reporter trying to fan flames that weren’t there. I bet most people enjoyed it.)

  25. Oesterreich42 says:

    epic us fail xD


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