Off to San Diego – San Diego Video

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24 Responses to “Off to San Diego – San Diego Video”

  1. bluewinkle123 says:

    Plz come back to Diego!!

  2. RagingGecko says:

    1. Right click
    2. Stop download

  3. HugoozzzVEVO says:

    4:51 awesome !! hahahhaa

  4. LonaBanana says:

    I live in San Diego, and every time you post something about hanging out with people, I’m busy. Y u no visit me?! ;P

  5. roggie2499 says:

    Good old Detroit’s airport.

  6. SpaceUnicron says:

    What horse? I just saw a fruit

  7. Jjack82 says:


  8. faachong says:

    asdfghjkl; I met you in san diego aw aw

  9. NarwhalicornPolice says:


  10. MrAWZOM1 says:

    is san diego in California?

  11. Amber Ajro says:

    i have the unicorn mask. <3333333

  12. emperadorpokemon says:

    But the girl version one, so he can dress like an asian girl c:

  13. MRGPL94 says:

    I said that comment 2 months ago! smh…

  14. Cerberus01234 says:

    Didn’t you see, he’s banned from chatroulette?

  15. iamBJx says:

    i’m horsing around 😀 lmao

  16. abdulaziz alsaadi says:

    Men u gotta shave !!

  17. TheShhoww says:

    if you like steve,check out my channel. 🙂 looking for new viewers to enjoy my fresh content.

  18. Fuzzy Panda says:

    Now I’m wondering if Steve was the guy who trolled sandy lol

  19. youcantoverdosemusic says:

    Just, marry me, Steve.

  20. TheNikas40 says:

    mc cavallo!

  21. BALLERfor money says:

    Koby Bryant

  22. BALLERfor money says:

    Check out my videos and subscribe please

  23. coolbean2112 says:

    In burger is alright.

  24. EmoPikachuLovesGir44 says:

    4:30 im getting horsey right now XD


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