1BRSD “Break The Chain” Flashmob San Diego – San Diego Video

The San Diego One Billion Rising Crew pulls off a “Break the Chain” flashmob in Balboa Park on February 2, 2013. This is part of ONE BILLION RISING, a global movement to end violence against women. On 2/14/13: STRIKE at 2:14 pm for 20 minutes. See our website for mini-rising locations. MARCH at 4:30 pm at City Hall with Mayor Bob Filner. See our website for march route. DANCE at 6:30 pm at the Organ Pavilion with a lineup of special guests and musical artists (free!) www.1billionrisingsd.com www.onebillionrising.org In Association With Innermission Productions Producer: Patrick Mayuyu Associate Producer: Carla Nell Shot By: Cristyn Chandler Jewell Karinen Sara Taylor Kelly Henry Diane Fortakoff Delinda Fugrere Nicholas Anderson Luis Mierez Christa Antoniak Jackie Burnett Tisha Coull Randy Coull Editor: Maynard Dean Wade Assistant Editor: Tiffany Tang
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19 Responses to “1BRSD “Break The Chain” Flashmob San Diego – San Diego Video”

  1. lei mou says:

    i love the video because many men were in it to support the cause to stop violence against women all united. Yeah!!

  2. flagintheair says:

    That basic necessity that so many women lack — being safe in our own bodies — is what made me finally come around to the OBR call to dance. It’s with our bodies that we should act. Dance, OBR reminds us, is both free and freeing. Will dance save the world? Of course not. It won’t end violence against women, but any worldwide movement that focuses on the appalling levels of violence that women face and crafts a national day of action to push back against that violence is fine with me.

  3. exposesocialservices says:

    You Tube Learning Disabled Woman Brutally Assaulted on MTS Bus Then Look Meticuosly at the Information in it’s Description of the Video

  4. exposesocialservices says:

    Why didnt the San Diego Police Mayor City Council Distrcit Attorneys Office Internal Investigate the Bruatl Assault of a Learning Disabled Woman on a MTS Bus and the Fact MTS sent her a Altered Video of the Assault-Why Because she is a Military Federal and State Whistle Blower Concerning Human Traffciking of MEN WOMAN and Children that Is Diretcly Connected to these Agencies the Brutal Assault was Retaliation every Punch she took was for the Victims Sake Look Above Comment

  5. Ironzealot7531 says:

    This is a fine cause and everything, but come on, this couldn’t be any more corny.

    Changing the world through interpretive dance? Gag me.

  6. mrEmolitov says:

    Crazy theme lol

  7. mrEmolitov says:

    Looks like soooo much fun, ???

  8. Alanna Ross says:

    doing this tomorrow!!

  9. thisoctoberismy says:

    were dancing it tomorrow in my university in Sudan, Africa 😀 can’t wait 🙂

  10. Okita Tadastra says:


  11. willingworkersgp says:

    We Rise!

  12. Angel4217 says:

    Breaking the Chains RISING UP AMEN to every Woman, Girl, Daughter, Sister, Friend, even boys and men…NO MORE ABUSE, NO MORE RAPE, NO MORE HUMAN SEX TRAFFICKING, NO MORE SILENCE for WE ARE THE MAJORITY

  13. harun kaya says:

    well done!!!! you guys have done an amazing job in support of a very good cause.

  14. singincry says:

    What a great way to get the word out about amazing cause!

  15. pascale pichon says:


  16. creativeharp says:

    San Diego you rock. My daughter lives down there…are you doing another one?
    I hope to get to the Newport Beach one.

  17. willowtreephoto says:

    The young girl in the off shoulders shirt in the front is fabulous!!!

  18. pennysillan says:

    Wooohoooo….San Diego – you rocked it! So fabulous to see so many men in amongst it. If we can do half as good as you all did – I’ll be happy 🙂

  19. flagintheair says:

    Make sure to watch this in Hi-Def!!!


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