DIRT SHARK – San Diego Supercross 2013 – San Diego Video

Dirt Shark and Crew are back to their hometown to introduce the “Sharklets” to the Monster Energy Supercross and lurk the pits to get all the behind the scenes Debauchery, Athlete Interviews, and Race Footage!!! CHECK WWW.DIRTHSHARK.COM
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24 Responses to “DIRT SHARK – San Diego Supercross 2013 – San Diego Video”

  1. timothy Thomas says:

    They have duck faces

  2. Matt Javorski says:

    love the laughing at the end!

  3. Mark Flanders says:

    Dirt Shark I know your gonna be at Daytonaaaa!! Catch ya their!

  4. BrandonMartzy says:

    Videos are always dope

  5. FikingGaming says:

    Encore ces américains les indiens se vengereront avec leur maitre moi je suis dieu

  6. DarKRid3R21 says:

    yes. thnx !

  7. TravT198 says:

    Dragon. I think the frame style is called “Fame”.

  8. DarKRid3R21 says:

    what brand sunglasses wearing Nate Adams? 2.57min ! ?? 🙂

  9. jamesshredd says:

    I thought debo was dead

  10. bouver17 says:

    bring me there!

  11. HondaChIcKrider22 says:

    debo!!!!!!! :D!

  12. 927Media says:

    Dope vid

  13. Ian Greene says:


  14. Brad Champagne says:

    ohh the jumping 

  15. TheCruztyDemon says:

    Bitches and Motocross, Thats life! 

  16. DeViLbRaSiL says:

    Monster energy Chicks are so fucking damn hot

  17. microbmx says:


  18. ThrilledMovement says:

    thats why i love monster – they know what men want.

  19. joe88901 says:

    Mitch is going to sign Savatgy for sure.

  20. Vasileios Chortomanis says:

    08:36 redbull ad in a monster event…

  21. ThinkingIsToHard says:

    I went!

  22. Beau Ballard says:

    Mercedes Terrell is the baddest women in the world❤❤❤❤

  23. kienan jensen says:

    WTF Weimer..

  24. Reaperfloww says:

    I love dirtsharks laugh hahaha


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