San Diego Fishing 2013: The Bait Master and guests at the Coronado pier. – San Diego Video

Location: The Coronado pier at Coronado Island in San Diego, California. Date: January 2nd, 2013. :::SUBSCRIBE::: This was the first time I went out to fish for 2013. I had to hit up my favorite spot at the Coronado pier. I met up with Mark, a fishing buddy of mine. While we were there I met Trevor and his friend. Sorry, I forgot the friend’s name. They were even cool enough to go get some cheeseburgers for us. Thanks! It started off slowly and no fish were hitting. I was tossing my swimbaits with no bites. Was thinking about using my dropshot setup but I was too lazy. I resorted to my backup plan with the live bait (smelt) and that seemed to do the job. I was only there for a few hours and it started to get better as I was about to go home. We caught some stingrays, spotted bay bass and some perch. All and all it was a fun day. I GOT TO FISH! I met some new people and caught some fish to kick off the new year. Oh yeah. Fish on! :::SUBSCRIBE::: Come out to fish with us and join in on the fun if you’re in San Diego. We want more people to get out and catch fish. The more the merrier. :::SUBSCRIBE::: Thanks for the views. Please subscribe. You can also check out more videos at channel kisda324. Here is the link below: :::SUBSCRIBE::: The music is by: Aj’le loudon Aka Me – Electro Hard House Video
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  1. Gustavo Juarez says:

    ooh okay

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  3. TheFishOnCrew says:

    Cool. Just hit me up. Or just look at my Facebook page. I am alway posting up where and when I go fishing at. You can find the link to my Facebook page on TheFishOnCrew YouTub page with under the about TheFishOnCrew where you can the Facebook icon with Kisda Senglothnam highlighted. Click on that name and it’ll take you to my page.

    — The Bait Master.

  4. Gustavo Juarez says:

    ooh yea im am going to go like in two weeks

  5. TheFishOnCrew says:

    No problem. Hit up that pier when you can. It is my favorite place to fish at for saltwater. And it isn’t too far away from the Three Amigos too. Good luck if you do go out there to fish. Oh yeah. Fish on!

    — The Bait Master.

  6. Gustavo Juarez says:

    ooh lol thx


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