San Diego Police Officer Who Fired Stray Bullet Has a Very Troubled Past – San Diego Videos

published: 2018-03-08 02:16:58

San Diego Police identified the officer involved in a shooting in Little Italy March 3, 2018.

Officer Anthony Bueno arrived on scene and found the man, Brent Zadina, on the hood of a car, yelling at the driver.

Officer Bueno tried to arrest Zadina but he resisted and the officer used his taser.

When that failed to stop the suspect, Officer Bueno fired one round but missed Zadina. No one was injured.

Additional officers arrived and handcuffed Zadina, who was taken to the hospital for observation where he remains.

Officer Anthony Bueno has a lengthy troubled past.

In 2003 Officer Bueno was involved in the fatal shooting of Billye Venable, who was unarmed and shot in the back.

Witnesses identified Bueno as one of the officer who kicked Billye Venable while being held on the ground.

Bueno was arrested in 2007 on 4 counts of battery on a fellow officer while on duty. Bueno pleaded no contest to a lesser charge and was allowed to stay on the force.

In 2010 Bueno was accused of slashing a homeless couple’s tent. Who said he was upset because the couplr put up a tent during a rainy night.

Homeless advocate David Ross said the tent-slashing incident was one of five similar incidents documented against the officer during a two-week span.

Also in 2010 Bueno was on the scene of the death of a homeless man Another homeless man said Bueno was “joking and speaking very disrespectfully” about the deceased man and provoked the incident.

Officer Anthony Bueno Needs to Be Taken Off The Streets

“Him being on the streets invites similar behavior and reflects very poorly on the police department,” -David Ross Homeless Advocate


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  1. ?nice work,, 226 people killed by police so far this year

  2. One day we will read where this thug with a badge is taken off the street forever. Thoughts and prayers in advance just in case he misses and shoots himself the next time he is trying to kill someone.

  3. Now I understand why cops like him get shot in the face!

  4. I'm surprised this despicable human being hasn't been promoted to captain yet , this seems to be the most common response to violent behavior by cops . Instead of doing the right thing , and protecting all citizens by firing this prick , he's allowed to remain on the job , , you serve and protect all , or you serve and protect none .

  5. Thank you for this video man, I hope it reaches thousands of people. Another shit cop who is trigger happy with a huge ego patrolling our streets. How can you beat up another cop and still remain on the force?? Red Flag much?

  6. Of course the shooting of an unarmed man in the back is justified.

  7. He’s a danger to the public

  8. Bueno is no bueno. Couldn't resist.

    1. Bueno old but he still kick ass if you neeeded it. You all cry about what you ask for and get playing victim shit

  9. know Anthony very well. He married my cousin. Mistakes been made and its always easier to stay opinionated on topics like these when you dont have a damn clue other then what you hear from media. Half you idiots wouldnt know what to do if you were 2 be put in these very same moments bueno had to go through. Shit happens and quickly officers must react properly for there safety and others as well .I wasnt around


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