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published: 2018-08-11 23:57:51

The family of a man shot and killed by a San Diego officer Wednesday is demanding the police department meet with them and show them body-worn camera footage and other evidence from its investigation.

Vaughn Denham, 49, was shot by a San Diego Police Department (SDPD) officer in Southcrest following an altercation between him and another man.

Denham’s family put out a press release Friday asking for police officials to meet with them and show them footage of the incident so that they could “understand the full picture of what transpired.”

The release said they want their questions answered and the names of the officers involved released to the public.

Family, friends and community members gathered in Southcrest Friday near the location Denham was shot for a vigil. There, NBC 7 spoke to Denham’s niece Zonneva who claimed her uncle was murdered.

“We’re here today to pay respect to my uncle who was murdered and to request that we are able to see the footage of the police officer who shot him and also any footage they have of things leading up to his death,” she said.

Officers responded to the intersection of Boston Avenue and 40th Street Wednesday around 5:30 p.m. after witnesses reported a man was attacking another man with a machete.

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  1. I hate people who contradict themselves
    And many other things also but contradicting yourself is one of my biggest pet peeves

  2. This is why everybody should film The Police

  3. They will release the footage soon.
    It was a justifiable SHOOTING..
    Let's not trash our 1st responders for doing a job well done..
    This man was an immediate danger to the neighbor hood.
    And the officers took appropriate action in this case..
    I do feel for the family though..
    Mental illness is a SERIOUS issue we need to deal with.

  4. Vonnie, I'm praying for you all sweetheart. RIP Vaughn. ?

  5. Say Irate what is happening to your city's and state? This is totally unacceptable and also very sad.I hope you keep these terrible acts by police on camera cause it don't lie peace from New Orleans

  6. You people are pathetic!! Always blaming somebody else for your mistakes!! Never any personal accountability!! I watched the bodycam footage!! He advanced on a police officer with a 4 foot chain and refused to back down or comply! All he had to do was comply!! But he didn’t so his death is on him!!


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