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published: 2018-10-10 06:37:09

THE TRUTH ABOUT SORORITY RECRUITMENT AT SAN DIEGO STATE UNIVERSITY // in which i talk about my sorority recruitment experience as a freshman at san diego state university.

filmed on october 9th, 2018.

i’m so sorry i used click bait lmao i’ve been watching too much david dobrik. but no joke, this video in no way is meant to bash sororities, they are super cool and really beneficial for a lot of girls but it just wasn’t right for me. but yeah, if you have any questions about anything recruitment related or sdsu related pls feel free to hit the line!!! lol why am i talking like a 7th grade ganster

well thank you for watching hope you liked it:))) -love, leah

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some frequently asked questions:

-how old are you? i am 18!!
-what is your ethnicity? i am chinese :))
-what camera do you use? for vlogs i use a canon g7x and for sit down videos i use a canon rebel t3i
-what school do you go to? i am currently a freshman at san diego state university!!

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  1. Damn your friends are rich?? you really said $4,000 to be in a sorority. Also how did you make your outro for your YouTube? Also have you met anyone at SDSU who also watches your content? That you may have also made friends with.

  2. lol Leah Lorraine is so funny and cute

  3. Hey! Im a small youtuber also starting off. If you want to support each other's channels. By the way I love watching your videos 🙂


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