Amtrak Pacific Surfliner Business Class San Diego to Los Angeles – San Diego Videos

published: 2018-11-08 01:06:55

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As far as I’m concerned, the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner is by far the best way to travel between San Diego and Los Angeles! It’s fast, reliable, very comfortable – and the views of the Pacific Ocean are amazing.

This is business class footage from train number 763, originating in San Diego (Santa Fe Depot) and terminating in Los Angeles (Union Station). Have questions? Just ask!

Watch the original San Diego Video here

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  2. Amtrak 763 goes to San Luis Obispo.

  3. A few notes.

    1)The Surfliners are made up of Alstom-built "California Cars" purchased by Caltrans (California State DOT) for use on the Surfliner Corridor (San Diego-Los Angeles-Santa Barbara/Goleta-San Luis Obispo) which is operated on their behalf by Amtrak. The car you boarded and sat in is one of those. After the order was completed, and all trains ran with 5 cars plus a locomotive (as planned), there was a need for yet more capacity. Amtrak's national service had some Pullman-Standard-built/Bombardier-built Superliner Coaches (normally used on long-distance trains) sitting in Indiana needing repair after collisions (crashes). Chronically-woefully under-funded Amtrak did not have the funds to make these cars operable again. The State of California offered to pay to repair these Superliners if Amtrak would allow them to be used on the Surfliner trains. It was on one of these cars, nicknamed-by-some as a "Crashliner", that you used the restroom. These cars still have the long-distance seats, with even more legroom and leg-rests plus a darker interior. Their restrooms are only on their lower-level. They used to be open to all passengers, but as in your report, have been reserved for business passengers only as of late (but do check if traveling in Coach). Note, these cars have manually operated doors, so on a route like the Surfliner, the "Crashliner" door will not open at most, if not all the usually quick stops. All the original Alstom-built Surfliner cars have restrooms on both levels, both upper and lower. The upper level ones are near the upper level vestibules (connection to the adjacent car). The lower level one is ADA-compliant.

    2) As a Business Class passenger, you have access to the Amtrak Metropolitan Lounge at Los Angeles Union Station, either before or after your trip, on the same day. While it is certainly not The Concorde Room, it is a nice benefit of paying the extra fee for Business Class on Surfliner.

    3)Remember that Business Class seats are "reserved" (they only sell as many tickets as they have seats) on Surfliner. The regular "Coach" seats are unreserved and available on a first come/first-served basis. On busy days it is often possible to have to stand in Surfliner Coach. If you want a seat for certain, book the Business Class service.

    4)Surfliner conductors prefer to save the lower level seats for passengers unable to climb the stairs to the upper level, so do know that most everyone on the train will be headed to the upper level.

    5)You did not show it, but there is a cafe on the lower level in one of the cars on each Surfliner train. There you can purchase alcohol (including local craft beers) and both hot and cold food. In addition, they will sell you a day pass to the Los Angeles Metro or the San Diego MTS transit systems. The cafe menu is found at this link:


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