View of Some N. County San Diego Beaches from La Jolla – San Diego Videos

published: 2019-01-08 09:43:55

Digi-scoping with Meade Infinity 90 and Samsung Galaxy S9 using a Gosky mount on a 26mm eye piece.

1. Swami’s 12.9 miles
2. Moonlight Beach 13.9 miles
3. Beacons 15.1 miles
4. Carlsbad 21.3 miles

Viewing from 25′ elevation at the Childrens’ Pool in La Jolla, about 45 minutes before sunset. Very little mirage. Unexpectedly clear, at least up to 20 miles. Hazier in the distance toward Santiago Peak in the Santa Anas.

There’s really no point to this video. I was just playing with the equipment and was lucky enough to capture an evening view up the coast with uncharacteristically minimum of inferior mirage.

3 of the 4 spots listed above are targets for a beach-to-beach signal mirror “experiment” I want to perform, in an attempt to duplicate what was done a few months ago by the Flat Research Earth Explorers group over Monterey Bay. I’ve gone through one round so far and was not able to duplicate their results. But I was dealing with pretty strong mirage. This evening when this footage was taken would’ve been perfect. But even without the mirror, I’m still not seeing evidence of any beach sightings at any of these distances.

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  1. 2:15 love seeing the waves on the horizon changing the view.

  2. Nice footage .Jamie heth did a good breakdown of the mirror experiment and in my opinion they had the mirror infront of the road on the bank and therefore cheated .

  3. Compare the view of Swami's on this evening with the day we were trying a test of a signal mirror. A landing at 30' MSL on the stairs was the lowest from which the mirror could be seen from this same 25' vantage point in La Jolla:

    Without the mirage, we can see at least 5' farther down the stairs, but still not to the lifeguard tower.


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