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published: 2019-02-10 23:49:49

INCIDENT DATE/TIME: 2-10-19 9:15 am
LOCATION: 4th Ave & Grape St.
CITY: San Diego

Good Samaritans/Witnesses saw the woman at 1st Ave and Spruce St, behind the wheel of her SUV. She appeared to be unconcious. They stopped to see if she needed help and the elderly woman woke up and continued driving. They stated she was driving erratically and by the time she got to 4th Ave and Grape St, they had called the Police. The woman then ran her vehicle into a parked Tesla. When the Good Samaritans who had been following her, were able to get to her, she seemed to be “out of it”, and told them that her license had been revoked several weeks ago by the DMV, due to her vision loss and other medical conditions. Police arrived and questioned her and she will face charges. She was transported to UCSD for her medical condition.

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  1. "Not supposed to be driving"😂😂

  2. Looks like about 100 grand damage to the Tesla!

  3. 2:05 she's pregnant. Sue the county, city of San Diego, DMV and the state of California.

  4. Wow… police was too nice to her….if it would of been any other person..(get out of the car…Now!!!!)

  5. Her insurance company is not going to be too happy about that, if she has insurance, time to pay 💰 up lady

  6. Thought Tesla’s were autonomous (:

  7. The Tesla likely backed into the poor lady driving the SUV. Blame Elon Musk. Or the other story is the older lady in the SUV had too many Bloody Mary's at church.

  8. Sue that old lady lawyer up ! Why she’s still in the car?


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