San Diego & LA: Raw Meat Eaters Everywhere – San Diego Videos

published: 2019-03-17 09:15:23

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  1. Cool Frisbee throwing with the wolf

  2. so you're pro level raw meat…. please meet up and speak with @GLADYS_CLARITY

  3. Why juice an orange when you can just juice an animal?

  4. So how does his workout routine look like?

  5. Im worried a bit.. I eat raw meat, raw eggs, raw liver, raw cheese, but I get constipated.. I used to do a keto diet before but not raw and with olive oil etc, so a lot less red meat etc. I honestly believe raw meat or cooked meat is def the best for the human body, only thing is that I get constipated from this right now. Any 1 else experience this? I eat both raw and cooked btw

  6. I sliced raw rump steak onto cruskits, then splashed a little lemon juice, tabasco sauce, fine ground Himalayan sea salt. Then spread some chunky olive dip (from Aldi). I then sliced some Edam cheese (sometimes Blue Stilton cheese), placed that on top. To finish of my real open sandwich, I add some fresh sliced button mushroom and voila, that's how I eat raw meat. You too can try it out. 🙂

  7. hey Gatis,
    Have you ever seen Freaky Eaters: Raw Meat Addict episode? You should make a video about it.
    Keep the great work going on!

    (btw you literally fucked the orange tree up. )

  8. I have a theory on why high meat makes one high. So perhaps there is a long established neural pathway in the reward system of the brain when we eat rotten meat, why? Well as we all know in the past food was not always easily available and so many of our ancestors probably died of starvation. Can you imagine if you were starving to death but then you come across some rotten carcass of a decaying animal? This rotting flesh will save your life , this sends a rush of dopamine to your brain, because you are going to live , over hundreds of thousands of years perhaps it created this pathway, after all who doesn't want to live? So the old meat will send you into a euphoric state, you have survived. Anyway just my own personal theory.

  9. We have a local farmers markets that pride theirselves on 100% grass fed organic (no certification, which means cheap) meats. Super friendly atmosphere that mimics a small supermarket its great! I'm here in British Columbia, Canada.

  10. I’m 90% carnivore , but sometimes can i include some Potatoes and little fruits for bulking easier? By the way im from romania and here we have nice grass fed diary and meat.

  11. Why does luna have blue eye again?

  12. That white dog is so gorgeous!!😍😍❤🤗

  13. Good to see a dog eating its natural diet.


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