San Diego: Woman Enters Church with Gun and Threatens People 04212019 – San Diego Videos

published: 2019-04-22 14:15:51

INCIDENT DATE/TIME: 4-21-19 12:30 pm approx
LOCATION: Mt. Everest Academy Mt. Etna & Mt. Everest Streets
CITY: San Diego

A woman identified at Anna Conkey, 31, entered the Worship service of the Tsidkenu Church. She entered from the back, and had a 10 month old baby in one arm and a handgun in her other hand. She started talking about the Rapture and how all of the members of the Church needed to be martyred. She also made the comment about “Blowing up the foundation of the Church”, which in turn brought out the Bomb Squad who searched the Academy for any possible bombs.
She pointed the gun at her baby, while the members of their church dropped to their knees and started to pray. The Pastor approached her and started to talk her down. A Navy man approached from behind and tackled her, while another man grabbed her gun.
They subdued her and when officers arrived, she was able to run and the two police officers tackled her. She had a second gun or a taser in her bra. She has a second child (4-year-old daughter) who the Sheriff’s are looking for in Bonita.


The 4 year old daughter was found safe at the Bonita Valley Community Church on the 4700 blk of Bonita Rd in Bonita. The father is in Officer Candidate School in Rhode Island called his neighbors to come and get the girl, but the Police are taking the girl to the Polinsky Center until family members can come and get her.

In the video, you can hear the young say “I don’t know why my mommy isn’t coming”.

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  1. It's amazing how when you see a real news story with real people(like this one) versus all these propaganda hoaxes for gun control, etc. where it is blatant that everyone is full of crap and laws are being passed constantly while controlled MSM hides the real truth. Nice job 911 video news. You do a great job and the descriptions help also.

  2. Whoa, This one is a pretty serious video…
    Glad it didnt get out of hand. It could have ended really badly, but glad it didnt

  3. see being athiest is even safer!

  4. Whoa! The world is going crazy.

  5. This church dude with the big teeth does not look like he should be leading a ton of people

  6. Thank you so much for this, we live close by and I new the local news stations wouldn't be so transparent, excellent job!

  7. Lots of mental illness in the world.

  8. Amazing job with the story!


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