How Much Does A Cashier At Kroger Makes An Hour?

What does a cashier do at Kroger?

A Kroger cashier meets and greets customers, rings up purchases, handles returns, and answers questions about products, policies, and services.

Other job responsibilities include communicating with coworkers and maintaining a clean work environment..

What do courtesy clerks do at Kroger?

Just like the bagger, the major duty of the Kroger courtesy clerk is to ensure that the customer gets a wonderful shopping experience by helping him/her with locating products on the shelves, picking up products and placing them in the cart on request, taking the cart to the check stand, bagging the products, moving …

Does Kroger get paid weekly?

4 answers. Weekly. I do miss the Direct Deposit every Wednesday. Kroger does biweekly pay.

What is Krogers pay rate?

Average Kroger Stores hourly pay ranges from approximately $8.58 per hour for Floor Supervisor to $17.24 per hour for Seasonal Associate. The average Kroger Stores salary ranges from approximately $17,000 per year for Bagger to $67,000 per year for Seafood Manager.

What is a cashier called at Kroger?

BaggersBaggers at Kroger perform a variety of job duties. Primarily, a Kroger bagger packs items into grocery bags and assists customers with loading groceries into their vehicles. Baggers should provide prompt and friendly customer service when interacting with supermarket guests.

Is Kroger a good job?

Kroger Employee Reviews. A decent place for a good income. Formens and coworkers are easy to get along with. The work days fluctuate drastically and training on jobs and equipment can be spotty and disorganized.

Who pays $15 an hour?

Amazon, Costco, and Target all pay workers at least $15 per hour.

Does Costco pay 15 dollars an hour?

During the U.S. Senate Budget Committee hearing, regarding the wages of workers, Costco CEO Craig Jelinek said, “Two years ago, we moved our starting hourly wage to $15 or more everywhere in the U.S. Effective next week, the starting wage will go to $16.” … Full-time employees get two pay enhancements per year.

Does Kroger pay orientation?

In most divisions the pay period runs Sun-Sat and checks are deposited on Thursday if the following week. … But yes orientation and training should be paid. You can probably even ask for mileage reimbursement if you had to travel away from your store for orientation and training.

Is being a Kroger cashier hard?

Being a successful Kroger Cashier can be a lot of work and can be very stressfull at times. However, being a excellent cashier is an important position to fulfill and is vital to ensure the success of the company. Being a Cashier requires discipline, reasoning skills, effiency, and above all else, honesty.

Who pays more Walmart or Kroger?

Walmart has 62,150 more total submitted salaries than Kroger.

How much does Walmart pay an Hour 2020?

In 2020, the average wage of an hourly worker in a Walmart store in the U.S. was $14.76, which comes to between $25,000 and $30,000 annually for a full-time employee.

How long is Kroger hiring process?

Kroger typically will hire employees long before the background check and drug test are back. The company uses GIS to conduct both and getting the results can take anywhere from a week to a month. You will have orientation and likely work for two weeks before this information is received by the store.

How much is a Kroger cashier get paid?

Total Pay Average The typical Kroger Cashier salary is $10. Cashier salaries at Kroger can range from $7 – $586.

How much do 14 year olds get paid at Chick Fil A?

Total Pay Average The typical Chick-fil-A Student salary is $10. Student salaries at Chick-fil-A can range from $7 – $15.

Is Walmart paying $15 an hour?

Walmart WMT, +0.30% has joined a growing list of retailers boosting employees’ wages to $15 an hour, but unlike rivals such as Target TGT, +4.28% , Amazon AMZN, -1.03% and Costco COST, +0.73% , all of which now offer base pay of $15 an hour for all employees, the nation’s largest private employer will keep its starting …

Does Kroger have a dress code?

But Kroger said in a statement that its dress code wasn’t up for debate. “Our uniform policy must be clean, professional, and without visible pictures, logos, words or abbreviations including masks (ONLY exception is Local UFCW 876 mask or company provided mask).

Do Kroger employees get a discount?

Employees and associates get 10% off Kroger and Private Selection brands and 15% off home goods. get a 10% discount on all Kroger brand products. …

What is starting pay at Kroger?

The Kroger Company Jobs by Hourly RateJob TitleRangeAverageJob Title:CashierRange:$8 – $13Average:$10Deli ClerkRange:$8 – $14Average:$10Pharmacy TechnicianRange:$9 – $17Average:$13Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPHT)Range:$11 – $18Average:$143 more rows

Does Kroger give bonuses?

How much does The Kroger Company pay in bonuses? The Kroger Company pays an average of $3,917 in annual employee bonuses. Bonus pay at The Kroger Company ranges from $100.00 to $18,500 annually among employees who report receiving a bonus.

What stores pay the most?

What is the highest paying grocery store?Costco & Whole Foods Market comes in at the highest at $15.00.Target starts off at $13.00 per hour and will increase its wages to $15.00 per hour by the end of 2020.Trader Joes starts off at $12.03 per hour.Walmart’s minimum is $11.00 per hour.More items…