Quick Answer: How Long Do Blue Cards Take?

Can I work while waiting for blue card?

The No Card, No Start laws mean you must have a blue card, no longer a pending application, before you can work with children.

However, if you submitted a paid application before the new laws started, you can continue working while your application is assessed..

What stops you from getting a blue card?

Being convicted of a disqualifying offence As a relevant disqualified person, you are also a restricted person. If you are a disqualified person, you cannot: apply for, start, or continue in child-related work (paid or voluntary) carry on a child-related business regulated by the blue card system.

Who is exempt from holding a blue card?

You don’t need a blue card if you are a paid employee, volunteer or student and you work for no more than 7 days in a calendar year. This does not apply if you are running your own business—you may need a blue card. A restricted person cannot rely on this exemption.

What is a disqualifying Offence?

A disqualifying offence is any offence against a law of the Commonwealth where the penalty for the offence is imprisonment for two years or more. A disqualifying office is an offence against Part II, Division 1 of the Misuse of Drugs Act.

How long does it take to get EU Blue Card?

three monthsHow long does it take for an EU Blue Card to be issued? When all conditions are met, issuance takes at most three months. Certain countries can issue within one week.

Why is my blue card taking so long?

If you submit your application via post, email, fax or our scan and upload system, it may take longer for us to process. Your application may take longer to process if there is any information missing or if we receive information from the blue card check.

Does a blue card expire?

A blue card is valid for two years from the date it is issued (unless cancelled earlier).

Can you get a blue card with a drug charge?

Eligibility to obtain a blue card The list of serious and disqualifying offences are included as a schedule to the Act and include offences such as sexual offences, offences involving child exploitation material, attempt to murder, torture and trafficking in drugs.

How much does it cost to get a blue card?

an eligibility declaration; or….1. Biller Code Select the relevant biller code (see table below)Application typeFeeBiller codeBlue Card (new or renewal)$93.951396134Volunteer to Paid Transfer$93.951396134Replacement Card$14.201396142Application to cancel a negative notice$93.9513961342 more rows

What is the minimum salary to get blue card in Germany?

€56,800 per yearTo qualify for the Blue Card an applicant must have a university or college degree and an employment contract with a German company that pays a salary of at least €56,800 per year (2021).

Do you need a blue card to work in aged care?

accredited training which includes placing a participant to an unpaid vocational placement in a workplace with children, including schools and childcare centres. The participant will likely need a Blue Card.

What does a blue card check?

The working with children check, also known as the blue card check, is a check that assesses: any national conviction, including spent convictions, and pending and non-conviction charges for an offence, even if no conviction was recorded; any national charge for an offence; disciplinary information held by certain …

Can you work without blue card?

Employing workers without blue cards As an employer you must not employ, or continue to employ a worker in regulated employment unless they have a current working with children clearance (blue card or exemption card) and you have notified us that you are planning to employ them.

Who is eligible for blue card?

EU Blue Card Eligibility Criteria Have a Master’s Degree or equivalent. Have at least 5 years of experience in your field. Have a work contract or a job offer for highly qualified employment for at least one year. Meet the minimum salary threshold in the EU country in which you want to work.

What is the difference between EU blue card and residence permit?

The EU Blue Card is similar to the Temporary Residence Permit, but it targets a specific group of people and has longer validity. … The EU Blue Card is valid for four years, and those who have it can then immediately get permanent residence if they maintain their jobs.