Quick Answer: Will There Be A Series 5 Of Jamie Johnson?

Is hawkstone a real team?

Link titleI play for QPR U15 and Hawkstone is based at Meadow Lane, home to Notts County FC Hawkestone is a very good team and I suggest that people should take part in football as it is an inspirational sport..

How much does Louis Dunn get paid?

He ended up signing for five years and $5.5 million per year.

Where was 15 days filmed?

Cardiff15 Days was also unsurprisingly shot in Wales. According to production directory The Knowledge, principal photography for the series began in January. The Belfast Telegraph adds that Cardiff was the chosen location for the new series.

What happened Jamie Johnson Season 5?

At the end of Series 5, he is revealed to be playing professional football for Northport Rovers. … At the end of Series 5, he is revealed to be playing professional football for Northport Rovers, alongside Jamie.

How many series of Jamie Johnson are there?

5Jamie Johnson/Number of seasons

Is Foxborough FC a real team?

Foxborough is a professional football club that is the rival of Hawkstone.

What school is Jamie Johnson filmed at?

The show, which follows the football-mad title character as he settles into a new school, was filmed at various Nottingham locations, including St Ann’s allotments and Meadow Lane.

Where is Jamie Johnson from?

Enterprise, Alabama, United StatesJamey Johnson/Place of birth

Where is Jamie Johnson filmed 2020?

NottinghamIt is produced by Short Form Film Company, and the 3×30-minute children’s series, filmed entirely in and around Nottingham, is inspired by the book series Jamie Johnson, written by former Football Association editor Dan Freedman. Eleven-year-old Jamie Johnson (played by Louis Dunn) is a boy with a dream.

What age is Jamie Johnson aimed at?

Jamie Johnson is a 12 year old boy who dreams of becoming a famous footballer. It may be the fantasy of most boys that age but Jamie has the talent to make his dreams come true. If only he could control his temper and stop being so distracted by everything else going on in his life.