What Is A Deep Six?

What does deep six it mean?

Deep Six is an English phrase of likely nautical origins, most commonly used as a verb meaning: “To discard, get rid of, or cancel; to completely put an end to something.”.

Where does Deep 6 come from?

Attested since the 1920s as a noun, most likely from the nautical cry “by the deep six” indicating a depth of 6 fathoms (36 feet, 10.97 metres) as measured by a sounding line (a depth at which something thrown overboard would be difficult to recover), though possibly also a reference to the common depth of graves (six …

What is a deep six Broadhead?

Deep Six is the mini-sized insert and broadhead thread standard that enabled the production of a smaller broadhead-compatible ultra-micro diameter arrow shaft. With more penetration available to hunters, Deep Six thread broadheads, inserts, and arrows have proved their worth in the field.

What does sixed mean?

In the lingo of restaurants and bars, eighty-six is an old bit of coded slang that can mean that an item on the menu isn’t available—or, as is evidently the case here, that a customer should be removed from the premises.

What does 86 mean?

Eighty-six or 86 is American English slang used to indicate that an item is no longer available, traditionally from a food or drinks establishment; or referring to a person or people who are not welcome in the premises. Its origins are unknown but seem to have been coined in the 1920s or 1930s.

Is the book deep six from NCIS real?

No, Mcgee’s book ‘Deep Six’ is not real, however there is a real book called ‘Deep Six’. It is a novel written by Veteran Author Clive Cussler. Mcgee’s book is a prop used on the show and it is just made up and it’s really clever the whole “wrap” and how they made it look like an acttual book.

Why do chefs call it 86?

The term originated in the soup kitchens of the Great Depression, where the standard pot held 85 cups of soup, so the 86th person was out of luck. Many say the term has military roots. The term originated during the Korean war, a reference to the F-86 fighter jet; when an F-86 shot down an enemy plane, it was 86’d.

Why do chefs say 86?

1 Answer. “86” is most commonly used to refer to throwing something away or refusing service. … 1933, The most widely accepted theory of the term’s origin states it derives from a code supposedly used in some restaurants in the 1930s, wherein 86 was a shortform among restaurant workers for ‘We’re all out of it.

What does Heard mean in slang?

You understandHeard: You understand and you’re doing what you’ve been asked without question.

Did Abby and McGee sleep together?

They went on dates at poetry nights, slept (and did other things) in Abby’s coffin bed, and found reasons to spend time together at work (much to their boss’s irritation). The two were so in sync that they could type on one keyboard at the same time, and Abby even shared her beloved Caf-Pow energy drink with McGee.

How many books did McGee write?

Deep Six is a series of books written by Timothy McGee, under the pseudonym Thom E. Gemcity, in his spare time. There are currently two books in the series: Deep Six: The Continuing Adventures of L.J.