Why Did Rock Bottom Close?

Who is Gordon Biersch?

Gordon Biersch Brewery is an American brewery founded by Dan Gordon and Dean Biersch.

Gordon, a graduate from the five-year brewing engineering program at Weihenstephan, Germany, and Biersch opened their first brewery restaurant in Palo Alto, California, in July 1988..

Who makes Kirkland craft brewed beer?

The Kirkland beers are labeled as brewed by Hopfen Und Malz Brewing Co. is actually Gordon Biersch (San Jose, California) or Matt Brewing (Utica, New York), depending on where in the U.S. your Costco is. Both are craft breweries that contract brew for other brands/labels, too.

How many old Chicago locations are there?

After drawing our first pint in 1976, we’ve continued to pull some impressive local and international beers at over 100 locations. We still build our pizzas and taproom fare from scratch—one delicious, fresh ingredient at a time.

Is rock bottom going out of business?

As of November 2019, CraftWorks owned and operated over 390 restaurants in the United States, but all of its owned-and-operated locations closed by March 2020, after a Chapter 11 bankruptcy followed immediately by the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, and CraftWorks and terminated its 18,000 employees, leaving …

What happened to Gordon Biersch?

After a tenuous few months, Craftworks— the company that owns the Gordon Biersch Restaurants—has filed for bankruptcy. … On Monday, March 2, 2020, the company closed the Gordon Biersch locations in Rockville and Baltimore, Maryland, Navy Yard and Chinatown in D.C., Syracuse, NY, and Virginia Beach, VA.

Did all Old Chicago’s close?

The parent of the Logan’s Roadhouse and Old Chicago casual chains said it is “mothballing” all 261 of its restaurants after a lender withdrew financing to keep the bankrupt company in operation until it could emerge from Chapter 11 protection. … All of the restaurants have been closed.

Is Rock Bottom Brewery a chain?

Rock Bottom Restaurants, Inc. (RBR) owns or operates more than 100 dining and entertainment establishments under several brands; its namesake brewpub chain, with 29 company-owned locations, is one of the largest in the United States.

Is Gordon Biersch a franchise?

Gordon Biersch is our flagship concept and represents our primary growth vehicle. Additionally, franchisees operate seven Gordon Biersch restaurants and bars in airports throughout the United States.

How many Gordon Biersch locations are there?

13 restaurantsGordon Biersch currently operates 13 restaurants in the United States.

What happened Rock Bottom Brewery?

Rock Bottom Brewery, a Denver-based chain of brewpubs, has closed its downtown Portland location, the latest brewpub in the city to close. A sign on the door says the restaurant officially closed Sunday. … In addition, Laurelwood Brewing closed its Westmoreland pub and sold off its production side.

Who owns Rock Bottom Brewery?

Centerbridge Capital Partners LPPrivate-equity firm Centerbridge Capital Partners LP has purchased Rock Bottom Restaurants Inc., the owner of Old Chicago and Rock Bottom, as well as Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant Group Inc., the owner of the Gordon Biersch chain.